Amanda (branwyn32) wrote in squatters,

Possible Cross Country Trek...Atlanta to Seattle

Hey all. I may be driving my janky old car from Atlanta to Seattle on a wing and a prayer in the next couple months and I'm trying to figure out where the hell to sleep safely along the way. I have friends w/couches in Colorado and Idaho, and possibly Missouri.

To be honest I'm not that famliar w/squatting culture other than hearing a bit about squatters' rights from my public interest lawyer roommate when I lived in NYC, but I've been reading here today and it seems an incredible thing. Much respect and props to all of you. It's inspiring me to find ways to live outside a system I become more discouraged with daily.

So back to my original places to sleep. I saw the link to WWOOF in an earlier entry here, which is awesome, and there's the obvious camping option. Is there anything else out there? Commune type places or anything that that would take a 1 night visitor? I'm a chick and likely going this long trip alone, so safety's just a concern for me.

That being said, if you're somewhere along the way and want to go somewhere along my route, let me know. If you could offer anything towards gas, that would be exceptionally awesome....anything meaning money, or a bit of food, or a place to sleep for a night. Please be, you know, not insane or a crackhead, etc. I'd prolly only have room in the car for one person at a time...cuz it's not a big car and will have the rest of my shit in it. Maybe 2 people if you don't mind being crammed in with my guitar and books and clothes.   If you want to see what I'm about and verify my not being insane.
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