billy (sadpenguin) wrote in squatters,

just saying hi

i have been a member of this community for a while and figured i should say hi and, at least, explain why i decided to be a part of the community. i currently live on Cape Cod (yeah, that horrible place). i am sick of it. Everybody knows everybody and everybodies business. It is worse when you are dating... anyone in the situation of dating in a small type town/city may know what i mean. It is expensive here and the exact opposite of diverse. i need out and i need to find new people. more diverse people with similur interests. AND SO i desided i am going to go to New York. i currently have a friend, safe to say my only 'true' friend, who i have known for years. She goes to PRATT Inst. in Brooklyn. We are going to get a place together but she cant move until she finishes up her year and then finishes a possible internship in Vermont. My lease here on cape is up in March i believe. That leaves a 6 month window of me having to be on my own until she can move in. The plan was to find a place for myself and when she was able to move then she could live with me and we could find a better place together since we will have more income.

i collect disability. So when i go to New York (jobless) i will have a gaurenteed check coming in... but it isnt much and from my searching... may not get me a place. i am perfectly fine with going the homeless route until i land a job and such. In fact, it has been something i have always wanted to try. It much be so nice to not have to worry about bills. So it is quite possible i will be a squatter in brooklyn come spring and if this does turn out to be the case, i am sure you will see many more posts from me in the future.
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