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Me and my dog

Alright, sorry to cross post, i just really want to get htis ball rolling ASAP.  Not running from anything, just sick of feeling so stagnant.

I used to hitchhike and hop trains in my younger years, but ended up giving the whole rent and car payment stuff a shot.  It's not working out, i keep moving anyway, and i feel like i 'm spending every dime i have starting over every few months.

Just like you can't make a hooker a housewife, you can't make a nomad a denizen of society.  I yearn to hit the road again, and feel free again.  I need to smell the oil and the asphalt again.

If anyone's thinking of bouncing and coming through ohio, let me know!  I'll meet you wherever.  No warrants, no probation, none of that shit.

Hit me up if you're coming through here.  I'll be gone in about 4-6 weeks regardless, but it'd be nice to have some company.


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